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Our Spring 2024 series is here

Crystal's Simply... Woman Workout is back!

In-person at the Greenbank Hall + Online On-Demand

Fitness classes for your body, mind + spirit!

After a ten-year hiatus, Crystal's "Simply...Woman Workout" is back and we invite you to join us. In a 90-minute class for all levels, Crystal incorporates yoga flow with pilates, hand weights for light lifting, stretching, breath work, guided meditation, and goddess cards at the end. The Simply...Woman Workout is for every woman who wants to feel more deeply connected, alive, vibrant, and empowered in body, mind + spirit. Join us in person or online/on-demand!  


Hi, I'm Crystal Andrus Morissette!

Crystal Andrus Morissette sitting on beach, meditating

Crystal Andrus Morissette

If we haven't met before, I'm honoured you found your way here. Let me tell you a bit more about me: 

My career started in fitness and nutrition. I won the Junior Ontario Bodybuilding Championship when I was just 18, opened my first "women's only" health club when I was 21, and competed in the Miss Galaxy fitness competition a year later. 


But things got slightly sidetracked when I gained over 80 pounds having kids in my mid-twenties. That's when I decided to document my weight loss journey and turn it into a self-published book called Simply...Woman!: The 12-Week Body-Mind-Soul Total Transformation Program. A year later, it was picked up by Hay House Publishing, and it became an international bestseller.

SW book cover.png
Things took off from there... 


Twenty years later, I'm now the international bestselling author of 6 books, the founder of the world's premier Empowerment Coach Certification exclusively for women called The S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer) that is now in over 45 countries, the creator of a new practical psychology based on our "Emotional Age." I've been featured on and hundreds of other top media locations, including CBC, CTV, the Globe + Mail, the UK Daily Mail, Slice TV, CanadaAM, and the CBS Morning Show. 

Copy of 5 copies signed just for you by me!.png

Not ironically, in the process of raising children and supporting other women, I somehow slowly let the pounds creep back up over the years (it can happen!).


And although I still "loved myself," I wasn't ready to pass the torch, so to speak, and stop doing so many of the things I really loved. Part of that was feeling healthy, fit, flexible, and strong.

My newest joy has come as I have taken back my own power by losing over 50 pounds using my original Simply...Woman teachings and decided to start teaching my Simply...Woman Workout again after a 10-year hiatus.


Yep, I'm back, baby!! LOL

Crystal Andrus Morissette before-and-after pictures
I turn 54 this year and feel better than I have in 20 years!

And I'm inviting you to join me in these fun, fabulous, empowering fitness classes as we move closer toward our happier, more vibrant and authentic Selves!



Tuesday + Thursday are our time together!

For years, I ran a unique style of yoga out of the beautiful, quaint little Greenbank Hall (formerly a church). I called it the Simply...Woman Workout and women from all over the area came and joined me. These classes were packed + the vibe was magical! Although I eventually pivoted in my business and no longer offered these live classes as I was traveling so much for my books and destination retreats, I've always missed them and connecting with so many incredible women from all walks of life.


After testing the waters for a limited 8-week Winter series in January 2024 and receiving such a wonderful response from women in the community, I feel sooooooo excited to come back for this limited Spring 2024 series + I've added another class each week! Let's do this every Tuesday + Thursday from 6 - 8:30 pm ET.